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Extremely well said. I think the idea of what your work can mean to a reader is a particular good one to hold close, especially as writing and reading can seem like such solitary exercises.


As a glasses-wearing daughter of a Harvard prof growing up in Cambridge, I can further attest to the value of identifying with a character! I remember thinking that Anastasia and I would have been best friends. I also remember how much I loved discovering new book-friends - including Anastasia, Annemarie, Meg and so many of your other characteris - at Wordsworth and Harvard Book Store as a kid; just wondering what you are doing these days for bookstores in Cambridge? It seems so many of the great places I frequented as a kid are now gone...

Lois Lowry

Oh my yes, it was a sad day when Wordsworth closed its doors! But now we have Porter Square Books, which is wonderful (and also serves coffee). Barnes & Noble is in the Coop (mixed feelings about that) so we are soldiering on here in Cambridge.


What a powerful way to aid humanity in its search for an end to suffering!

Your comments make me wish I could create worlds, and people them using just words...



Yes, there are people listening! I sat down to do my own revisions this morning, but needed some inspiration to get me going and I found just what I was looking for here. The bonus was to find out that the Giver IV is in the works. Yeah!!

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