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Patti Emmons

Hello- I am so sorry to read about your loving husband. The consolation is that it seems you both had a wonderful life together. I'm new to your universe. My 17 y/o son Ray purchased "The Giver" Saturday for the two of us to read. It wasn't the book we set out for (summer reading, school), but he insisted that we read it together (he read it in 10th grade). Wow- we read out loud to one another all Sunday. What a wonderful story. Thank you for your story and the wonderful memory I'll keep with me forever. Ray was right- I was so affected by it that when I found out there were 2 other books, and that Jonas survived I uncharacteristically burst into tears! lol I just s/w Ray and we'll get the next book Saturday. Again, thank you for such a wonderful story.

Patti Emmons

Me again- congrats on the new addition to your family. My family adopted a Treeing Walker Hound 2 years ago. We couldn't be more in love with him. I gave my daughter similiar directions "you don't pick the dog, the dog picks you" and criteria- good with cats, other dogs, children. Of course, I had a beagle-sized female dog in mind. Of course, the dog that picked us is 75 lbs! But he's wonderful. It's scary adopting a full-grown animal, but he turned out to be well worth the risk. Good luck with your kitten- she's very cute.

Jennifer Fischer

Congrats on little Lulu! She is adorable! My parents have a cat who has a mutual love for their dog. In fact, he will even go up to the dog and lick her ears, particularly when her ear allergies have kicked up. That's when my parents always know to take her to the vet.

I'm sure the purrs will begin to lull you to sleep in no time. I know that was how I felt with my two cats.

Watch your cords.... Both of my cats thought that it was their duty in life to chew through them-- those and plastic bags, wrappers, etc. For the cords, lead-free plastic tubing worked well as protection. The cats immediately lost interest.

Enjoy her energy at this stage-- so cute, and it usually doesn't last long before they become more complacent-- unless Lulu is like my cat Gideon. At seven years old, he STILL acts like a kitten and gets into all kinds of mischief (but that makes him all the more loveable).


Jason O

cats can be adorable.. well, female cats. Female cats are better all around.. and so silly.. I have one.
Female cats get MAD when they are mad, though.

T. Crockett

I love the way it looks like Alphie is petting Lulu. I'm with Alphie - kittens are irresistible.

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