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I write these middle-of-the-night notes too, but I've never really thought about what someone else would think on finding them. My recent ones say things like "Lara should feel more." Feel more what? Who is Lara? Ah well, whoever finds them will just have to wonder.

T. Crockett

I can't wait until school starts up in September to share this post with my students. They always laugh when I saw ideas come at the least convenient times!


I'm delighted that you like the rhubarb cake! I gave Betsy the recipe and am honored to see it mentioned on your blog.
I have a young black cat with white feet and moustache, O'Malley. She retrieves. She might prefer a dog to the two cats she shares the house with.

Lois Lowry

Yes, I should have given full credit to the recipe's origin. Thank you, Dinah!

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