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Hooray! I'm crossing my fingers that this goes through this time around.

I know lots of people cringe to see books turn into movies (so often badly) but The Giver is such a powerful story, and so timely, that I can imagine it touching many, many people through a well made movie. AND I think it will renew interest in The Giver and subsequent books - although I kind of doubt interest has ever really waned...

Nadria Turner

Jeff does look like the picture on the cover of The Giver...by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am taking a Children and Adolescents Lit course and it was a required reading. My daughter read it back in middle school, and it provided us with hours of conversation--a mother/daughter book club of sorts. Of course, she has read all three books in the series (I have to catch up). We really hope to meet you one day and please continue entertaining the minds of kids and kids-at-heart.

Sally Bender

I always have my fingers crossed for The Giver. I want more people to know about it, and sometimes it takes a movie to make that happen...unfortunate, but true. So, I will look forward to hearing that Jeff Bridges can get it made and will be first in line to see it when it hits theatres.

Portia Pennington

Well...anybody that can give Lois Lowry an opportunity to say "street cred" deserves to make a movie of The Giver! Plus...you just know he would do it right. Fingers crossed that this happens!

Sarah Allen

I saw the press release of this yesterday, and it was enough to make me run frantically around the house squeeling with glee :) The awesomeness of The Giver plus the awesomeness of Jeff Bridges might just be too much awesome to take :) I'm a little excited, in case you couldn't tell!

Sarah Allen: http://fromsarahwithjoy.blogspot.com/

Jennifer Fischer

I am so excited at this news!! Hooray indeed!! :)


Dear Lois,
I really liked your book STAY, Keeper's story. I would very much appreciate it if you wrote a second book, possibly one where Tug and Tussle are found, or the Mom is found, or maybe Emily's family is robbed. Ooh! Or Wispy has puppies! That would be very cute. Thank you for reading and considering my comment.
-Your reader and fan,


A dream come true for both you and me, though I've always feared that a film version of The Giver might not do it justice. My son so reminds me of Gabe, and I'm often struck by how much that rocks how I read the book, having the realistic version of something I only had a mental image of before. Nevertheless, a film sounds intriguing.


Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy? The first book (the beginning, at least) reminded me of Gathering Blue. I'm excited to see the Hunger Games movie next year- but it would be even better to get to see The Giver (especially with The Dude!!)


Oh yay! Ive been waiting patiently for some time. Who will play Jonas, I wonder? And perhaps Gathering Blue could be some sort of companion/sequel...

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