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" Martin's life centered around music."
What music style was Mr. Small's favorite?

Lois Lowry

Classical. Particularly chamber music.


He led a generous and Artful life. Very inspiring.

Thank you.

Revely Culver

Sometimes I think the best we can hope from this life is to be remembered as fondly and meaningfully as you speak of Martin.

Wishing you all the best from afar,

Betty Birney

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of a life well lived.

Holly Rabalais

Reading your posts about your loss made me think of this poem. May you feel the nearness of him while Martin is away.

When we are old will we still send emails?
Even if we share the same bed, the same couch?
I hope not.
I hope you slide love notes under my pillow
so that I can smell the ink of your pen
and memorize each stroke of your handwriting.
I will tie them with ribbons and keep them
in a box in the pantry; and when you are away,
I will read each one again and again
to feel the nearness of you.

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