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I'm so glad you enjoyed St. Louis...I lived there for a few years of my childhood and then spent the rest of my young adult life in a small town about an hour away. It's such a lovely city with so much history. If you haven't visited The Arch (and gone to the top!) I highly recommend it. :)

As far as the strange weather goes, we Missourians know all too well about tornadoes. Unfortunately spring and summer are riddled with them here in "Tornado Alley". In fact, we are no stranger to all manner of weather - scorching heat, bitter cold, deep snow, crippling ice and even an "inland" hurricane which we experienced 2 years ago! Mother Nature sure is creative here in the Midwest!

I'm glad you were safely inside and away from the elements. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and I wish you all the best in your summer adventures!

Betty Birney

St. Louis is my hometown, though I've spent half my life in L.A. I'm glad you caught the very KEY distinction between City and County. (I'm a county girl - that's my sister's library.) Glad you got the hint of Tornado Alley without experiencing the tornado at the airport last night! I do thank the St. Louis County Library for sending a bookmobile to our neighborhood when I was growing up in the 50s. I read all the great books of children's literature there, thanks to observant but quiet librarians who saw what I liked. I still remember a soft voice saying, "You like that Doctor Doolittle book ... here's another one." (Insert Little House, Mary Poppins or Betsy-Tacy into the above.)

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