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A long, but interesting lecture. The poems are a clever device to keep the audience in check. I'll have to borrow that next time I have to lecture (which happens almost never, but when it happens I have to ad lib to keep the audience from snoring loudly.)

The University of Michigan has an MFA program on creative writing where Peter Ho Davies teaches. I first read his work in an issue of Harpers (2001) and found his writing just amazing. His work (Equal Love, The Welsh Girl, The Ugliest House in the World) reminded me of Joyce's Dubliners-particularly The Dead- it is that good. I exchanged a few e-mails with him about his work fairly recently. I wish I had the time to travel to Ann Arbor to take one of his classes. :(


BTW- you've accomplished so much!


Weaving impressionable realities with inspired imaginings seems to be the magic of good fiction. I think our memories do this quite seamlessly at times, but only an accomplished writer can share the results so powerfully. Thanks for doing just that and for sharing your speaking engagement here.

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