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It sounds to me like you need to spend more time wandering around yarn shops. :-)

Stephanie Beck

Beautiful needlework! I'm a knitter and can appreciate the love of yarn and colors.

Today my kindergartener brought one of your books home. I loved your books when I was in school and seeing the book was a wonderful reminder of all the really great children's and YA books I adored.

Thanks for writing some of the books that give me some of my most treasured memories of reading :)
Stephanie Beck

Sarah Guenther

I've always coveted, but never purchased, the entire set of Prismacolor markers that artists use. I have no real need for them but I just love them.


Yes! Me too!


My mother sewed when I was growing up, and I enjoyed going with her to the fabric stores. Not only were the spools of thread pretty, but so were the spools of ribbon and bolts of fabric.

There was a time where I would purchase small amounts of pretty fabrics and fold them attractively in a basket...just to admire.


It is interesting that you should have used the color red and shades of red... hmmm. My class and I are reading The Giver and entranced by the story you wove, thank you. Spring truly is a time of renewal for color, even here in the Midwest.

Sharon Mayhew

Did you do the pillow without a guide? It's lovely! I've done one piece of tapestry. You are right it takes a lot of time, but the end product is worth the effort.

I'm so pleased that I found your blog. I'm an aspiring author, currently a published writer. I've admired your work for a long time. Numbers in the Stars touched my heart. One of my wips is set in WWII.


Yes, just attached a Georgia O'Keeffe postcard with a paper clip to the fabric and kept lookig at it and trying match the colors. Fun. But time-consuming.


I could completely relate to your comment about being "entranced by the gradations of color". I feel the same way. Today I was out shopping with my husband to buy new sheets and I just had to pause to look at the towels. He asked if we needed new towels, too, and I replied that I was just enjoying the colors. I then came home to comment on this post to let you know that I thought of your post while strolling through the linens today. I normally just read and enjoy without commenting but this post struck a chord with me.

Holly Rabalais

I'm glad to know I'm not along (and in such good company) in my color attraction! When I was in middle school, I spent my allowance on embroidery thread, which I finally used to make friendship bracelets. More recently, I've been guilty of buying scrapbook papers, not because I intend to do any crafting, but because the colors are just pretty. I'm drawn to reds.

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