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Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope the IRA convention doesn't have anything to do with the Irish Rep. Army! :) You must have a giant appointment book and more stamina than the protesters in Tahrir square, which, if I may be so bold, is turning out be the "French Revolution of the 21st. Century."

The fourth installment on the Giver series ( can it be called a series now?) a prolific writer you are. (oops I'm sounding like Yoda) Most writers have a hard time finshing one story, or have nightmares about getting started, a la "Barton Fink"

As for Febrrurary, I agree, I even have problems pronouncing the pesky word!



Oooh - I'm excited to hear about a fourth "Giver" book!

I wrote my own uninspiring blog post today. Eh. Some days are like that!

I LOVE that photo, how could anyone not want to buy your home. (Sorry about the moving though, that is not fun.)

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin

Thank you for bringing smiles on a dull day in Oregon. I had to laugh at your "labor and delivery" book choice of Dreiser. Nowadays, most new mothers probably watch television

Congratulations on your daughter's birthday, too. I think mothers should always be congratulated on the birthdays of their children. After all, they were doing the hard work.

Jennifer Fischer (previously Elliott)

I, too, am very excited about the fourth Giver book already, and I have many, many students-- past and present-- who will surely be excited, too, when they see it hit the market. Some are already wondering who the main character will be. :)

Any news on the Giver movie?


My whole (second grade) class cheered when I told them about the new Gooney Bird Greene book. They love Gooney Bird and have taken to wearing quite the interesting clothing combinations from time to time- they say it's a Gooney Bird influence. I'm positive this new book will help keep next February from being so "lifeless and boring."

Dawn Farmer

A fourth book! As I sit in my classroom, I'm fidgeting because my students have just left and I want to tell them the good news! We just finished The Giver yesterday, and you'll be happy to know that all of my copies of Gathering Blue were checked out immediately! They LOVE the story!

Juliana Rowland

Indeed, what a serious choice of books for a time-with-baby holiday! I spent some time in the hospital with my dad a couple of months ago and intentionally chose only "easy" books to bring along. Maybe I should have set my sights higher!
Actually, though, one of the things I've found really interesting about your works is their range. I think most of us like to intersperse "hard" reading with "easy" breaks, but I don't know how many of us could actually write both The Willoughbys and The Giver! (Both are GREAT)

Love the baby pictures too!

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