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I agree completely for the books I'm reading for plot. There are others that I'm reading to relish the writing. For those books, the more description the better.


I just picked up a copy of Rabble Starkey this weekend. I read many of your books as a child (probably most), but if I read this one, I don't recall it. Also found a copy of Starring Sally J. Friedman as herself, which I definitely read as a child, and I remember Blume saying is one of her more autobiographical book. It's fun to read these books as an adult and see how my perceptions change. There's also usually stuff that I realized I missed entirely as a child. I find your books hold up very well for adult readers.

Also reading the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy, which is getting a lot of deserved attention. You might like to read them sometime.


Often, good fiction writing 'depends' on what is left out by the writer for the reader to 'fill in' in her mind.

An extreme example of writing that gives readers the maximum latitude for conjuring up worlds, feelings and emotions while savoring language is 'Poetry.'

Recently, I ruined the experience of imagining a character while reading a book when I saw the face of the actress who plays this character in the movie. (I saw it while web surfing) Now all I see is someone else's interpretation of what MY main character looks like, darn!



Lois, I truly enjoy your writing here on this blog. I could not agree with you more about the fine line between too much description and not enough. A writer who over describes comes off to me as insulting, taking away from me what I so enjoy as a reader. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Elliott

Just thought I would say that I appreciate the title of the blog post and some of your other ones as well. Very cleverly written as well as humorous (some of them).

James Preller

Great answer, Lois, thanks.

Of course, I blogged it:



Thank you

Pat Wooldridge

Great comments, Lois, and I love the account of the Nantucket summer visit and Breakfast In the Yard. Thank you for sharing that, as well.

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