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Reminds me of this, which is flippant and perhaps deeply offensive, but funny:



I love that DeMille book. Interesting to know that I'm not the only one who has been thinking about it due to these events. I would love to hear DeMille's thoughts on this.

Elizabeth Varadan

There was a wonderful PBS series a few years ago called Sleepers about this very kind of situation. Two "sleeper" moles were planted by USSR to wait for further instructions. Years went by with no instructions and they became completely immersed in their new lives and identities. And then one day the call came....

It was a brilliant series. When I read of the current situation it was like watching life imitate art, so to speak.

Pat Wooldridge

Lois Lowry, I can't fault you for finding the Spy Swap rather funny. I am quite bemused by it all, though I wonder why folks are all that surprised that things are operating in the same old way, even WITHOUT the Same Old Framework that seemed to feel that such methods were necessary in the first place. And I would LOVE to see Sleepers!

Jeri Chase Ferris

Charm School is one of my favorites too, and yes it is indeed credible. He portrayed the then-USSR and all its foibles and fantasies and yes, fine-ness, brilliantly.

Julie Musil

I read "Charm School" too and loved it. Anything by Nelson DeMille.

I wondered about the spies too. I know I wouldn't want to live in the Soviet Union after years of living in the US!


I watched "Sleepers" years ago when I was living in England. The recent news reminded me, too, and we were able to get it from Netflix. Just finished watching it--I highly recommend it!

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