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Erika U

That's horrible! Number the Stars is a wonderfully insightful novel that I completely enjoyed when I was in school (In the US). Maybe had the authorities read the book they would understand why it is SO IMPORTANT to be taught and read by ALL! I do hope this ban is lifted...


Contacting the American Library Association Office of Information Freedom might be one step the teacher could take.
Maine State Library

Lois Lowry

Good idea. And I have just contacted PEN American Center, an organization dedicated to preserving intellectual freedom, to see what they advise.


aaaack. what on EARTH could they have objected to?? i'd ask PEN, the National Coalition Against Censorship, and the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom for input. they deal with American bans and challenges, but may have Thoughts.


I think that Number the Stars was a great book! I don't think that they should ban it in any school! It was great!

Jon Arntson

I certainly agree, NUMBER THE STARS is amazing and profound. I'm not stating an opinion but asking a question: is it the author's job/place/responsibility to fight for their book's right to be an available read? The school district neighboring the one I graduated from banned Harry Potter from their elementary libraries. This appalled me, especially since I live in Michigan. It was eventually reinstated because parents of the students found the decision ridiculous. I am wondering if the same thing might happen in Turkey.

It's either a matter of wait and see or take action. As a writer, I have no idea what to do. If I were published, maybe my actions would be more vehement.

Lois Lowry

I don't harbor any illusions that I can change the mind or attitude of the Department of Education in Turkey. But I think it's important that attention be called to such a violation. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do that.


Hey Lois if you can read this, I'm a student of Central Middle school, In NJ, and i read The Giver, Gathering Blue, and The Messenger. I'm working on a 4th book to the sequel :) it's called "The Caver" it's about the boy named Thomas from Gather Blue and it includes the life of Jo, Thomas, Vandara, AND Jamison :) hopefully you could read it some time!

Gael Lynch

I'm wondering if this were made VERY public, perhaps by sending this letter to the NY Times would cause a little more global pressure to have the Turkish authorites read it! I can only imagine how you must feel. It's awful. How courageous of this teacher to takes steps to make it more public.

Robert carlo hawkins

Hello my name is Robert Hawkins! I currently go to central regional middle school. The 8th grade, I am a huge fan of The Giver, Messanger, and Gathering Blue. My class has read these books and I just fell in love with them. I was wondering if you would consider writing another book that tells us about everyone like the giver, Jamison, vendara, and see if kira and leader (Jonas) get married. That would be amazing. My teachers are Mrs. Viteillo & Miss Muccino. Our class is considering to write an anthology to the three books. Maybe you could come and help us because we all have great ideas and who know their charactors better than the author. I'm not trying to be an annoyance but I just loved all the books in that series. There's so much that I and everybody would want to know!
     P.S. Your Giver books are the first books I have ever read and enjoyed! Thank you for the amazing books!

Lois Lowry

Robert: Thanks. Sounds as if your class has been having a good time with those books! I am, actually, in the process of writing a fourth one---but it's HARD.

love the trilogy

Wow! I didn't know that you are writing a fourth book. But then it wouldn't be a trio if it had four books to it.

(sorry, i do not want to reveal my real name in front of the public since it is not safe.)

Robert carlo hawkins

Oh my god! Really I want to know so much! umm maybe you could tak to my teachers and maybe we can help or something if it is hard! When I saw you wrote back I almost cried I'm so happy to be talking to you. Thanks bye

Marissa Cullings

As a teacher, I can only imagine how frustrating this was for the teacher who wrote you. I teach The Giver, and once got a note from a parent questioning the appropriateness of the book. The note had me fired up, to say the least. I responded to this parent with a note defending the literature as well as a copy of your Newbery Acceptance Speech. I didn't hear back. This incident happened 4 years ago, but as a teacher, I am still scarred. It's offensive when someone suggests that you are making dangerous, thoughtless choices with your carefully selected books. My principal was supportive of my position. I can't imagine how offended I would feel if this opposition had come from a higher authority and my principal had supported them instead of me. As a teacher, it's so important to feel validated and respected by the community. My heart goes out to her.


Number The Stars is a great book! It is too bad that the turkey school band the book.


I think that they should actually read the book instead of just reading one paragraph
because I read the book and I thought It was amazingly awesome.


Number the Stars was a great book. Why bann it? The people who banned the book should read the whole thing and more of your books.


I have read Number The Stars in our reading class. I see nothing wrong with it unless the Turkish officials don't want the students reading about the Nazi atrocities. But they should be able to learn about it so they know what happened in the second world war.


Hi, what they are doing in Turkey, I think is rude. I have read the book and thought it was great! I LOVED it. They should not band it, until they read the book. It was the first book that grabbed my attention.

Brittany at major school Saskatchewan.


I love Number the Stars! It's one of my fave book ever! There's no reason to ban it!

Sara Clifton

I would generally be concerned for the teachers at the school if the letter were made public. However, I do believe it is a author's right and duty to fight for what they write. I believe it was an excellent book. Whereas I don't believe in censorship of any kind I (knowing other books that have been banned) can see why it might be. However, if it is not in the guidelines of the Turkey Department of Education to support the banning of this book then it most definitely needs to be fought.


Turkey is a heavily Islamic country. While I love Number the Stars, it isn't hard for me to think of a reason for a very Islamic nation to have a problem with it.


I'm in Bahrain, an islamic country, and I read it. That's not it.


Every culture has it's own, sometimes hidden, idiosyncrasies. Personally, I would celebrate the ban. Banned books are always read more than those not banned. I learned this at a young age from my librarian mother.

Naomi Lassen

There is a direct link between the Armenian genocide and Hitler's "final solution." I'm sure that Turkey wants to keep that association from surfacing.

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