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Today my daughter asked me why I was reading "The Paris Review Interviews." I said that I liked to 'listen' to the authors talk about their creative process.

Why? she asked, why not just read their books? Because, I said, after a pause, I want to know how they write their books.

Why? she asked again, the inquisitive look still on her face. Well...I said, somewhat embarrassed, maybe I want to write a book....when I grow up.

You'll be ahundred-yers-old, she replied with an impish laugh.

(The truth is: I read them--and this blog-- because I like their company)


You look at the emergency map on hotel doors? Me too! I also count the number of doors from my door to the stairs. If there's smoke and I can't see, somehow I'll count the doors and escape. I think I heard that tip long ago.


Okk I read the book The giver. i like it except the last chapter. olease write anotherbook that exolain when jonas leaves th other community please. if you do that you will be me first ever favorite artist

Lois Lowry

There are two more books that follow THE GIVER: GATHERING BLUE, and MESSENGER

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