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Dawn Farmer

Thank you for the visit!

Sarah Dillard

Oh thank you-- I do so love "peeking into the lives of others" Your home is beautiful! How I'd love to sit on that couch with some tea, or wine. I started following your blog after reading "The Willoughby's" which I adored. I love having a glimpse into your life, even though sometimes it makes me feel like a creepy stalker, which I don't think I really am. Anyway, thanks!

Sharon Creech

What a beautiful home, Lois!


I love peeking into the lives of others too and often find myself looking beyond the faces in pictures I see on blogs. :) I love the old chest in the living room, the painting of the buildings by your friend, Andy (such rich colors!), and the quilt on the bed in your favorite guest room. I see you have a partiality to sheep. Have you read Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann? It's a fun read if you're into sheep murder mysteries. :)


Perhaps the Connie Hayes painting is of the hill in Vinalhaven? I love her work, and I love that island.
The sheep, too, are wonderful folk pieces, although they might say "naah."


I knew from the bicycle wallpaper in Anastasia's bedroom that you must have style...and these pictures have confirmed it.

-looking for giver pic info

this is not the Giver

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