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What a pain in the nose! At Goodreads you can search by a single title and bring up many (not all, I don't think) editions and through a lot of clicking and cutting and pasting get at the different ISBNs.


"We have the right to copy and organize all of your digital images whether you want us to or not", says Google either directly or through inference.

"In my view, the entire copyright industry, and the populous, in general, has become sick and tired of the arrogance, hypocrisy, and greed of Google. In spite of their "do no evil" mantra, Google has actually grown to compete with Microsoft for the title of the 'Supreme Evil Empire', in my opinion. "

--George Riddick
Imageline, Inc.


When I went to www.biblio.com and searched on Lowry, Lois - there were over 2500 entries!! Maybe a summer job for someone??



There are 2687, to be exact. I may end up hiring someone.


If a 16-year-old in New Jersey is eligible for the job, I'm up for it! Seriously.


I would definitely hire a detail oriented person to do the job. Why stress?

Loved reading your last few posts-Krista


The Worlds of Lois Lowry box set (Reader's circle edition), First Delacorte Press Edition, printed in the US.

The Giver: 0-385-73255-4
Gathering Blue: 0-385-73256-2
Messenger: (There are four ISBN's on this one...)
ISBN-10: 0-618-40441-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-618-40441-4
ISBN-10: 0-385-73253-8 (trade pbk.)<- This is the one on the back of the book (above the bar code).
ISBN-13: 978-0-618-40441-4 (trade pbk.)

I don't know if this'll help or not, but I hope so. Good luck!

The Common Sense Eccentric

sounds like the Guild is corrupt. This fair deal is not equitable for you it seems.

lois Lowry

Just for the record: The Authors Guild is not at all corrupt. It acts on behalf of authors in ways that we frequently could not do by ourselves, and it does so without cost to individual authors and always in their best interests. Just wanted to make that clear!

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