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Portia Pennington

Keep up the bloggin', Ms. Lowry! I read you every day...or as many days as you post, and miss you greatly when you don't. You are neither self-absorbed nor overly motivated by book sales in my estimation, and I enjoy your comments about life in general, or your life, in particular. That's my slap on your back today, unbidden, from someone you've never met, a mother of five in Bowling Green, Kentucky!


And I bet that chili was delicious. I love grated cheese on my chili as well.

That's the thing- I love the fact that my favorite authors have blogs and let me have a small glimpse inside their lives.
It keeps reminding me that authors are *GASP* people too, with real lives, real worries, and who eat real food.

But I'm a blogger, too and I like reading about other people's lives- not just what they are working on (though that's interesting as well.)


What, no photo of the chili?

I read a rather annoying little piece by Annie Dillard a couple of weeks ago (it's been a flu-filled two weeks, I don't even know where that essay is now) which said something about "writers don't write about what they had for breakfast" and I thought, God how pretentious. The next day I was reading Neil Gaiman's blog in which he muttered about his promotion-related exhaustion and how he believed he may have lost a cup of tea he made (ultimately it was found once it was cold), a blog entry I thoroughly enjoyed reading because darn it his writing is so nice that it doesn't matter if he's writing about whatever Annie Dillard finds important (which is...?) or losing his tea, it's just pleasant to read. And I feel the same way about your blog, it's pleasant to read, and that's why I'm here. I particularly liked your recent entry about the lost hotel room. And I remember the photo of your salad, it was lovely, and just the kind of thing I, an average reader, enjoy. Annie Dillard can suck eggs. And if that commenter doesn't enjoy reading "most" author blogs, then by all means he or she should go read something else.

And apparently that's my blog entry for today. :)


As a writer, I love to read about the details of other writers' lives -- their writing lives, of course, but also the things they do when they're not writing. There's a reason that there are so many books out there on the writing process (also recall that great book showing the various writers' writing spaces -- fabulous!). When writing is done well, you take details about a person as a given and add them to your image of that character. But it can sometimes be so gratifying to bump up against an unusual detail, or a detail that you can relate to, and take a moment to admire it or marvel at it. This is why we read, no? Sometimes to find ourselves within unusual contexts or to experience adventures outside of our lives. Perhaps some readers would rather just read a book and move on to the next. Why not? That's great. But there is certainly much to be gained from your and other author blogs. Not that a blog needs to have use. It just needs an audience! So to "Anonymous," I would say, "Feel free not to read this blog." I don't tend to read blogs of authors whose works I've never read. But having loved your books as a child, and as a writer now, I'm delighted to be able to read about your writing life and all the bits of your life that you share. I especially love the way you tie some of your experiences back to something about writing or reading or literature in general. (Sorry to have rambled -- am writing this in a rush during a pitstop in the Denver airport!)

Sarah Miller

The way I see it, blogs are a fine way to simultaneously indulge the egos of authors and the voyeuristic curiosity of their readership.

I blog, in part, because I enjoy the feeling that others value what I have to say about reading and writing books -- otherwise I'd keep a journal instead.

I read blogs because I'm interested in what other readers and writers have to say about those same topics, but also in large part because I'm just plain nosy.

jake the girl

Your blog is my favorite. In addition to well-crafted sentences and great photos, you provide the blogosphere with entertaining stories about the life of someone we all wish we knew. Also, discovering the Limoliner (earlier today, via this blog) has changed my life. It is so awesome.

Loreen Leedy

I definitely have bought books because of their appearance in blogs, just ordered two yesterday. Enjoying the photos, info, and glimpses into the creative process on author and artist blogs is what finally inspired me to start my own (last weekend!) Note to self: take picture of salad.


The thing that I absolutely love about your blog is that it is a peek into the person behind the byline on the books I love so much. I would hate to think that because a person is a writer, they don't think about how really pretty a salad is.


Author blogs help satisfy the fans' constant desire for more writing by their favorite authors. At least that's why I'm lurking around these parts.

And as for book sales, the last three books I purchased and one Christmas present were all created by people who write wonderful blogs that I read regularly. I enjoy supporting people who bring me so much pleasure on a daily (or when the spirit moves them) basis.

PS I spent the weekend reading "The Willoughbys" and had such a good time I've already recommended it to two friends.


I agree with nearly everything said already, but wanted to add that as a new writer, the blogosphere has been a great way to meet other writers. It's the humanity within the posts that makes the blogosphere fun and nourishing.

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