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And I hope that vibrant life brings it to Boston! Thanks for sharing.

I'm reading The Hunger Games aloud to two of my children (13 & 10) and can feel your influence a bit--The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger especially. I noticed you mentioned it as a book you gave your granddaughters. What did you think of it, I wonder?


I confess that I did not read The Hunger Games, only reviews and descriptions which led me to think my 12-year-old granddaughter, a voracious reader, would like it. Haven't heard yet!


It sounds wonderful! Having just seen "Gossamer" in Portland, and living in Seattle, I hope it will travel to the Northwest! I won't miss it, when it does!

Howard Ford

It was wonderful meeting you in Independence, Ks. Such a thrilling & inspiring experience viewing, "Gathering Blue".There's such a powerful message behind the words in this piece, especially in today's climate. It's interesting how a vehicle that is intended for children impacts all of us profoundly.Thank you for your inspiration.Have you ever considered writing about the Allen Say experience as it seems such a momentous event?

Disgruntled Parent

I have to say that I'm a little shocked that someone who writes books for children would have the nerve to say they wanted to kill an infant who disturbed a reproduction of one of your stories. I would also think that someone such as yourself would be mindfull of what you said in front of a college cast. The likely hood that one of the cast might actually be related to that infant, might take it personally what you said that about their sister. Please take that into consideration for future plays you attend. I know none of our family will be attending any plays written by you, nor reading books written by you.


Yes, it's true. I said...in front of the cast..that I would have liked to wring the neck of the toddler who made a lot of distracting noise during a performance of the show. It made it very hard for the performers.

Maybe, actually, it was the parents' necks I wanted to wring....not the child, who was simply being a toddler and not to blame, But the parents should know better than to bring a too-young child to a live theatrical performance.

Steven Rousey

Ahh, I must say yellow and blue are my colors. I look quite dashing. Just kidding.

I must admit that I very much enjoyed being in the first cast of Gathering Blue. It definitely was a treat. I mean, what junior college anywhere else is going to workshop an original musical with a Grammy award winning composer. Michael Silversher wrote Gummy Bears and Tailspin. I still can’t get over that, even when he graced us with play in the songs HIMSELF at the cast parties. Wonderful.

I’m very honored I was able to meet you as well, Mrs. Lowry (I feel as if calling you by your first name would be rude). It was awe-inspiring speaking to you as the steady waft of wine permeated about us. Being both a young adult growing up with your novels and an aspiring writer myself, it was invariably a treat to sit on the same couch as you and have my books signed and talk about the perks of being an author. Thank you for that. You keep me inspired, which I’m sure is the reason behind your chosen profession.

Now, I’m sure it’s none of my business to address this but I thought I may as well. To Mrs. (or Mr.) disgruntled parent. I believe that if you are old enough to have children then I undoubtedly you are old enough to have heard of a thing called sarcasm. I’m sure you wouldn’t think two thoughts if I had been the one to say it. Well, contrary to popular belief, Lois Lowry is a human being, just like you and I. We crack jokes. It’s part of life. Don’t let one very miniscule detail govern over your choice of reading one of her books or seeing one adapted to the stage. Let’s say that your said child was assigned to read The Giver by a teacher. Would you say, “I don’t want my child to read a book by and author who wants to kill babies!” No. I think not. If you did I believe you would be stooping down to a level lower than the maturity of your own child. But to easier clear up the entire situation for you, I suggest you go to dictionary.com and look up the term sarcasm.


Steven Rousey


Just this week I discovered, "Gathering Blue," at a local bookstore. (Its a long story as to why I'm so behind on any publications of fiction.) Its fascinating to compare the images so fresh in my mind and the pictures from the musical.

While reading I did wonder what Singer sang. Your book strongly hinted as to a somewhat biblical beginning through several, modern cities destroyed, but didn't truly reveal what happened between the destruction of the named cities and the book's present. Somehow, I like having the mystery, and would be a little sad if the musical's song inserted its own interpretation.


There be no global warming! There, I said it (and I wouldn't be the first).


I was one of the first students along with many others to view this play. While it was still in process of being made. It was such an amazing show! In fact I want to buy the books now. I've read past books by you, and your such a good author!

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