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Teri Hall

Your blog entries are something I happened upon a while ago and thought I would check,now and then, because you are an author I admire. I have a book coming in '09, so I thought this blog might reveal some of what a writer's life is like. Well, now that I am fairly certain that my life will never resemble the peace and focus I sense in yours, and the blog has become a place I check in to see what happens in a world like that--sort of a break in the day. I appreciate the glimpses--they give me a simple pleasure.


I greatly admire your books. You treat the young people whom you write for like they have a brain. You really make a person think about life. Anyhow, I noticed you said you will be in Milwaukee soon. I live in the Milwaukee area. What event are you going to be there for?

lois Lowry

I will be at the First Stage Theater on Sept 19 and 20th, to see the production of the play "Gossamer" adapted from my book of the same name. And I'll be doing a booksigning at Harry Schwartz Bookstore the morning of Saturday 9/20.

O. Jimenez

How did I miss this?
You're an Art lover! That's exciting. Throughout my life I've been surrounded by works of art. I consider museums and galleries my cathedrals, and the artists that create art Angels placed on earth to make our lives richer (that of course includes writers.) I am not familiar with the artist Bill Manning but I'll be sure to look him up. After reading your blog, I recently started my own blog about art. It's probably not as interesting as yours!



hi! i have a question about gathering blue. how did annabell die?

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