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I was in heaven when I found your blog. Then, what do I see on my first day after subscribing? You, my favorite children's literature writer, speaking of my favorite adult literature writer! If I had been in that room I'd have passed out cold.

I'm certain that you've heard it before, but your stories have provided me with a wealth of teaching opportunities. Thanks :-)


Hello Lois, Did you know that Hillary and Obama will be debating at the Constitution Center in Philly on the same night that you will be in Havertown? I'm hoping to do both! Susan

Lois Lowry

Good grief. Probably the Secret Service will all be at Constitution Hall and I won't get any protection at all! :-)

Go Barack!

Ken Storey

I live about 35 mins from Sarasota. I love the Banyan trees, there's a huge one in St. Pete Florida and another in Winter Haven.

It would be interesting to see how people of another culture interpret a story such as The Giver. I find I place way to much of my own culture and upbring upon the stories I read, its always refreshing when I hear how another person interprets it.

Louisa Maas

I have a suggention for you to have the orginal in english print with the written German translation underneath for Annika. In time this may mean much more to her. My own children were born in Japan as we are military. My ESL students gifted my own children with Japanese storybooks done this way. Today they are our treasures.


hi lois ive read the giver,gathering blue,and messenger.im a big fan of your books.two of my teachers and three of my friends and i have read them an think they are so great.thanks for writting them.im woundering what made you think of these books and the charctors.im only 11 but i really do love your books.and in the third book messenger i alomst cried when matty died.and so did my teachers and my friends please leave me a comment.your biggest fan kallie

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