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Hi Lois!

You said you live in Cambridge, right? (Or am I making that up?) If you do, I never knew that! I live right in Boston...!

Not to go off topic of your post, but I was wondering how your new Kindle worked out for you on your recent NYC trip? Stephen King is in favor of the little thing, but I've been extremely wary of it... How was using it?

Jennifer Elliott

I just wanted to comment upon your new book, The Willoughbys. I bought your new book as an Easter (and spring break) present for myself and thoroughly enjoyed it! I teach The Giver and Gathering Blue each year to my eighth graders and hope that I might be able to work The Willoughbys into my remediation class as an added bonus. I'll advertise it to all of my students as a book that will make them literally "LOL" (laugh out loud). I loved the glossary at the end, too! Too bad our dictionaries aren't as witty as that! :) Thanks for another fantastic book!

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