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Sarah Miller

Way cool! Despite the fact that I've been feeling smug and superior for acquiring a Willoughbys ARC of my very own months ago, the finished product always seems to trump the preview. Why is that? ;)

Lois Lowry

Yes, it's true. But I'm not sure why it is. And to create yet one other in-apt analogy, last month, with my granddaughter, i watched one of the worst movies of all time, and by Spielberg, no less: "AI: Artificial Intelligence", in which, in a futuristic society, a couple who has lost their only child get a robot child who looks, acts, speaks, etc. like a real boy. And he is definitely an ARC, not a real book.

(For those wondering, ARC means Advanced Reading Copy)

Sarah Miller

"And he is definitely an ARC, not a real book."

I love it! Perhaps the phenomenon ought to be christened The Pinocchio Effect?

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