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Rose  Manzo

You are one of my favorite authors!I loved The Giver and the two that followed the most.I loved getting lost in that world you created and was sorry to go when I'd finished the books. I read a lot and authors that give me a world that I don"t want to leave are my favorites. This particular series is so artistic and creative and I loved the characters. The writing was fantastic and the story amazing. I can't ask for more from my many books. It's rare that I can't guess what's going to happen next in a book or movie so when I can't I'm deeply impressed. I hardly guessed anything in The Giver trilogy! I read them a few years ago and I'm 28 now but I'm not done reading them-I love to reread my favorites! I hope they get a good cast and director(David Yates would be great) because they already have a great story. I can't wait to see the movie! I also can't wait to read anything else you might write!


hey Mrs. Lowry,
i read that you read every comment so i thought i would ask you a couple of questions. first of all: when will david yates be filming the seventh harry potter film? also, i have heard rumors that the seventh movie will be split into two. is that true? i just wanted to say that i love all of your books, particularly the harry potter ones. The Giver is also very exciting and great. Please post answers. thanks.


This is one of the only books I've ever liked.

I don't know why I can't get into books, none of them really seem to be good, no matter what recommendations I read.

But, I LOVE the Giver and it would be glorious to have a film interpretation of it. Please make sure it's done as epically effective as I imagined it, heh.

Danna Town

I actually do not want a movie version of this book. I love this novel and I teach it every year to eighth graders who receive it with open arms. To make a movie is to create a pre-packaged picture of the community and Jonas that I would rather they create for themselves. This novel is so vividly written that it doesn't need a visual representation. I also have a quick question: Before the sequels were written, did you intend for the reader to believe that Jonas and Gabriel die? That has always been my interpretation and I have a hard time swallowing that they survive. Just curious.

Danna Town

Suzanne Kohl

I absolutely loved The Giver. I read it as a adult and made my 3 children read it. Then two of them were meant to read it at school, so I was even more happy. I recently saw Eric Coble's stage production and I think he did a fine job capturing the emotion that flows throughout your novel. Thank you for this piece of art.

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I am so happy to find your web site. I have been a fan of your books for a while. I so love the "Giver" and "Gathering Blue". My daughter introduced me to your books when she was 12, (she is now 26.)


well...i was searching ur page for an email so i can beg you to get someone to make your book "the giver" into a move and i seen it was already in the process. (weight off my back) though i am not ok with waiting so long. get the director of harry potter 3 to do it, hes really good. i can not wait, i read the giver when i was like 10 and it is a book that has always stuck in my head, but i will ask that you tell the director to 'keep it to the book!' dnt add stuff or take stuff away this is too great a movie to mess up!! cant wait to see it!!!


Ms. Lowry,
I have wanted to write to you for some time now. I am sorry they are postponing the making of 'the Giver.' I think it's worth telling you that I have wanted to see 'the Giver' on the big screen for some time. I had the idea to write a screenplay for it, but found out it was already being done before I started the process. I have had trouble for some time learning all the ropes of writing. I have the dream to become a good writer, but unfortunately, I don't know what I'm doing, or how to do it properly. Do you have any advice for someone in my position? I don't seek fame or money by it; I just want to write well. Perhaps, it's because of all the good literature out there that I have been inspired to write. Thank you for writing such inspiring books. They're wonderful!

Shannon Seery

Ms. Lowry,

My daughter read the Giver in her 8th grade class, '07-'08 school year. She absolutly loved it. After they finished the book, they had to do a book report. Unlike most kid's book reports, She wrote a song. With the help of the choir teacher, they put music to it and she performed it in front of the students and for the School board. It turned out great. I finally read the book and it put the song in to prospective. The first thing I thought of was, what a great song for the end of the movie, if ever one was made.


hey i have a report on u can you give me some info favorite music tv shows movie and favorite book please i like the book numbering the stars.

Kristin R.

My 7th grade class LOVES reading The Giver. They were so excited to hear that a movie was in the works. Maybe we'll plan a "field trip" once it does come out. They'll be in high school by then, but I know you'll have plenty of movie-goers for opening night!

Jonathan Park

Please don't let them make it into a movie!!! That would ruin your loyal fans personal envisions of the characters and places and events!! It would commercialize the magnificence of the book and ruin its integrity!! Please please PLEASE DONT SELL OUT!!! KEEP IT A NOVEL!!!


Dear Ms. Lowry,

I have been looking for a very long time for a fan mail address to send you a letter, but this is okay I guess. I love reading and writing and want to be an author when I grow up. I am 12 years old. I love photography! My mom has a very high-tech camera that only often she lets me use... but she said she is taking me out to take pictures this weekend. The Giver is definetly my favorite book. I read it 2 years ago, and my 6th grade class read it and we all loved it, as well as our teacher. Everyone thought it was very weird when we first started reading it, but as we got further into the book they all loved it. I just finished reading your book "Looking back" for one of my summer reading books. It was very interesting. I have read many of your books and loved them all. I would be very excited if you decided to write back to this comment!!! I wish I could send you some mail, but I couldn't find a fan mail address. I'd be very happy to have your address so I could send you a letter. I am 12 years old and my name is Emma (Which I probably should have mentioned in the beginning)




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