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Sigh. I read that bit of news and thought, "Oh that's too bad," and moved on with my day. I shouldn't be surprised by the fallout, but goodness! That is sort of the blessing and the curse of the internet.

I won't presume to speak for all your loyal readers, but I, for one, enjoy the conversation.

Pat Erickson

Dear Lois,
Ah, but there is good as well here! I have to admit I saw the your info on a Harry Potter blog. However, this brought me here...back to you. (I loved reading your books to and with my children). I had forgotten how much I loved your work.
Your blog made me smile (never start the winter without fuel...I grew up in the Adirondacks) and also reminded me that my child, loves to read. Perhaps, now that he is a bit older, I can still help him enjoy life in this way....again.
Stay warm in Maine. Enjoy your company.


P.S. The dogs will wear themselves out....I'm pretty sure:)....my life's passion and work surrounds dogs...I am a vet.


Actually, I'm glad your comment got snapped up by Harry Potter sites. I was idly flipping through one while sick with the flu, and discovered your blog. While reading your entries, you mentioned Autumn Street, which was one of my favorite books as a kid and the library copy often found its way to my house. Suddenly eager to dust off more memories, I started crawling around the web for information. I found bibliographies of your writings, and it reminded me of so many of your books that I loved as a child and read to near-memorization. I was thrilled to find out you have a blog and are still writing voraciously, and I want to check out all those new books that have somehow happened in that blink of an eye when I turned into a grown-up. (scratch of head) How did that happen again?

Anyway, back to my rambling point, the internet has a short memory and hopefully there will be some more serendipitous good from all this. Thank you for writing so many books that brought me happiness, and I hope to read more of your works soon!


Quick comment from a "lurker." What you spoke of in this blog post, I do that sort of thing all the time. I expect to continue doing it -innocently and inadvertently getting myself into trouble- for years to come. It's comforting to know that I am in good company!


Oh dear.

like the first commenter, I read it and thought, shame, we have to wait...then giggled at your reference to the celebration-of-life reference.

It reminds me so much of my middle school class where I am talking to one student, someone else overhears, then misinterprets what I was saying.


Incredible how people can take someone's words and turn them into something of their own invention and cause such a stir. Are we THAT bored/in need of "news"/excitement these days? I don't see how you are at fault for the craziness that ensued, so no need to apologize.


I immediately thought of Anastasia- like the time her friends thought Sam was crippled? This just totally seems like a situation she would find herself in.


If it makes you feel any better, like many of those who commented above, I am quite grateful that your comment was quickly smeared across the internet. The Giver is one of my favorite novels (which says a lot as I'm an avid reader) and I'm pleased to see that it's coming out in movie form (although I'll be one of those people throwing popcorn at the screen and yelling if something is drastically different). I can't thank you enough for writing that book!


Hello Ms. Lowry,
As has been said, I found your blog due to the Harry Potter websites, and though I too was saddened to hear of any delays, I was more thrilled to hear a movie is going to be made of one of my favorite books by one of my very favorite authors! I'm sorry for the fall-out that has occurred, and hope it hasn't caused you any undue stress. I'm excited to read in your post "Poster Art, and Snow King" that yet another idea has popped into your head. I've been working on my "first" novel for a few months now, and haven't gotten past page 15. I'm stuck. How do you get your wheels to turn when lodged in a muddy quagmire?
Anyway, best wishes to you, and I hope the time that passes until The Giver is made into a movie goes by quickly, as now I'm too anxious to wait!


Wow, what an honor that something I write will appear on your little, tea-room blog, when your work has shifted the course of my life. But I just want to thank you for your comment, if I may speak for millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, we have never been upset by accidental news. However, I know that it may have gotten you into trouble and I am sorry for that. On the other hand, I was listening to a Harry Potter podcast, and they announced this news-- Attached to your name. They then read an excerpt of your apology, and your threat to move to the outback, and I had to act. :) Harry Potter moved mountains, but you shook the earth. Let WB deal with the issue, your duty ended with your apology. Now go and be brilliant and write something breathtaking. That's your specialty.


I'm another long-time fan who stumbled on your blog thanks to this newsflash, so don't be too sorry! And I must say that now I hope I get a chance to meet you around Cambridge one day--I moved to the area last summer. Thank you for all your lovely books...


I found your blog in the drama but have loved your books since elementary school. I remember the first time I read the Giver, in fifth grade. Since then I have read it (and your other books) many times over; but the Giver (and secondly, Gathering Blue) holds a special place in my heart. I was so pleased to see that there is going to be a movie made of one of my favorite books, even if it is delayed. I am also a Harry Potter fan, but as another comment says, I was mearly passingly interested in the news,it is sad that it has blown out of proportion. Also As Brandi commented I heard your appoloy being discussed on a hp podcast, they were very repesctfull. - also lastly, I just read your "mail? do I read answer mail" and I feel so badly, some people are just awful. Thanks for writing such awesome books and sharing them with us!

Sury Romero

Well Mr. Lowry,
you are not alone. Stop apologizing. We your fans totally understand you. If the film producer understood, why can't everyone else. I was disapointed the movie has been delayed. As a Special Education Teacher, I like to read the book with my students and then show them the movie or vice-versa because they are visual learners. We are in the process of finishing "The Giver". They liked it and were looking forward to the movie. Unfortunately, they are going to have to wait. Best of Luck!

Rebecca Geary

Dear Ms Lowry,
I stumbled across this after I just finished your book, and searched to see if a movie had been made. I would have loved this book as a child, and now enjoy it as a mother of two. I look forward to sharing "The Giver" with my 8 and 11 year old daughters. I am glad they'll have time to read the book before the movie comes out! Keep up the terrific work and writing. . .


Ms. Lowry,
I cannot wait for your movie.
That's all.
You're fan from Canada,


I read this for the 1st time because my students are reading it. It is an awesome book, and I looked for a movie. I was disappointed to see it wouldn't be out for another 2 years. I also checked for a sequal, for which there is none. It is a great book, and a sequal would have made it even better.

Briana Rumney

I would like there to be a movie created... because this is one of the best books ever!! it might be confusing in some parts, but for the most of it, it is awesome!!
thanks for the writing of the book.


Is there ever going to be a movie? I loved reading your book so much in my 8th grade year, and want to see the movie badly. But the last Harry Potter movie is almost out, so it shouldn't be too long from now.


Ashley Nicely

No worries. :o) People are fickle, and fortunantly so is the internet.

I would like to say that I'm eagerly awaiting the movie. The Giver is, and has always been, my very favorite book. I really hope that David Yates can do it the justice it deserves.

lois Lowry

Alas David Yates is no longer attached. he has to do the next two Harry Potters and it means he is tied up fro a long time to come.


What is ironic is that not only does the internet "snap and gobble" so quickly, but that it doesn't consume its prey but chews it like a cud and spits it out whenever someone googles the words "giver" and "movie." This thread is over a year old and is still getting comments. It is a testament to your work, Ms. Lowry. Thank you.


OMFG ur sooo awsome.......im not saying that charcasticaly....I LOVE THE BOOK THE GIVER ITZ AWSOME LIKE YOU

molly may

Dear Ms. Lowry,
My English and reading class has been reading The Giver and I wanted to know what exactly inspired you to write a book like that. I'm NOT saying that your novel was bad! If people had thought it bad it would not be going through the movie making process. My teacher thinks the world of The Giver.


I must admit I am happy to hear the movie has been postponed, as I feel The Giver is perhaps the best YA book of all time and unfortunately movies often prevent children from actually reading the book. I read The Giver with my language arts classes every year and every time we end The Giver for the day there is an uproar of "Nooooooooooo" being whined throughout the room. Any book that can capture the attention of middle school kids in such a powerful way is truly a treasure. Thank you!


Miss Lowry, My class and I just finished The Giver. What an amazing book! My assignment is due next week. I am creating a puppet show about what happens after the end of the book. I can't wait until they make a movie out of your creation!

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