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Oh! Is that the story with the lasagna?

Lois Lowry

Yes! Exactly right! Good for you. I didn't know anyone had ever read it.


I read it in a book called Necessary Noise.
So, what do you think you're going to read instead?
Someone I was with at the ALA midwinter meeting found a galley of The Willoughbys and has promised to pass it on to me when she's done! I'm excited!

Lois Lowry

Haven't decided. The first chapter of THE WILLOUGHBYS, I think. But that won't use up all the time. And it would be nice to read from something that the bookseller has available, and TW is not yet available. Suggestions welcome!


If you had a lovely Englishman named Nathan as your sommelier, that's my sister's boyfriend! He and my sister both work at Eleven Madison Park. They'll be glad to know you had a good experience.

Lois Lowry

"A lovely Englishman named Nathan" sound like a line from a Noel Coward song, doesn't it?

(I'm remembering a NC song that had the passage: "And then there was Phipps, who had very broad hips, and whose waist was exceedingly slim...")

Make me stop.

I don't think we encountered Nathan, because we were in a private room upstairs and he was probably in the main restaurant charming the patrons there.

We DID have a young handsome blond waiter, though, who whispered to me that he loved "The Giver."


You could read the story about the Harringtons' daughter. Or one of the parts in A Summer to Die where they're outside picking flowers. Since you can't read the snow story.

Donna Rooney

I have taught The Giver in my 8th grade classroom for several years. I have told the students that The Giver will soon be made into a movie and they are exciyed! However, what is the hold up? The deadline seems to be moved quite a bit.
Donna Rooney


Thank you so much for the enthusiastic response to our Newbery choice. I posted about the lunch and linked to this at my blog and also spoke to Colin about you and Carol Otis Hurst. It was great to meet you.

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