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Wow... I've read the Giver a lot too and that was when I was in grade 6!


He read it 30 times? That's alot, even for a fan like me....I read it when I was in 4th grade, I believe..It didn't really have a MAJOR impact until 6th grade when I was forced to read it again. Only then did it make sense.

I've read it...10x. Then again, I'm considerably younger than him.


Aha! I get it... How very brilliant of him. I remember reading The Giver in 5th grade. It is mentioned quite a bit in my methods of teaching English texts.


todd is a pretty impressive photographer, as well.

(he's mighty impressed by your mention of him and his photo project, too!)



Sorry -- nothing to do with your post, but as the Super Bowl is about to begin I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and rooting for the Patriots. I am a huge Green Bay fan so we came close to being pitted against one another. . . Now I hope for a huge New England victory!


I too have read The Giver many times as I used it with my middle school students. I was transfered to 3rd grade so I miss the book.

I enjoy your blog.

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