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Lois Lowry

Great mom!!!

Chandra Bashara

I'm afraid I didn't read with the flashlight either, but I did try to talk on the phone and watch Star Trek after bed time. That's not nearly as romantic sounding though!

Debra Smith

I read by flashlight, not under the covers, but against the wall. I lay on my side and pointed the light to the wall. LUCKILY, my sister was afraid of the dark, so sometimes I just sat in the closet and read for hours. My mom knew, but she did not mind. She remembers me reading for hours.

Prof. Kitty

It's true it's true! I read under the covers with a flashlight, for years it seemed. My bedtime came earlier than my desire to put the book down. I also remember in the summertime, my bedtime was before dark so I didn't need the flashlight. Instead I'd turn around in bed (the foot of the bed was right by a window) and lift the blind so I'd have enough fading light to read a little longer.


Never tried reading under the blanket with a flashlight because these days, i'm into reading ebooks. Just want to let you know i really enjoyed reading you're book 'Number the Stars' when i'm in High School, i think i'm just a freshman at that time.

You also have a cute cat there. Please say hi for me :)

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