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Arline Sutherland

Most Bhutanese instruction is done in English - despite the evidence in this letter that it is a second language.

The young people I met in 2001 spoke almost colloquial English.


Jan Phillips

Lois, I first read your book, The Giver, to my oldest child 13 years ago. I fell in love with it. I must say it is my favorite book of all time. Now I have the pleasure of reading it again to my youngest children. (I have 5 children.) What a delight to read it again and catch the things I missed before. Thank you for your insight, your tenderness, your wisdom in a world that seems just a little crazy. I love it all over again! Thanks for being a giver of wisdom and for helping us see our world full of color and possiblity!
Jan Phillips

Dolma Yangdon

hi Lois...
i m a student from Dr Tobgyel school from Thimphu, Bhutan n to inform u, we read ur novel in English n i must say that yr an awesome writer..
Dr Tobgyel is an english medium school so we dont have any trouble reading ur novel.
much love
from Bhutan

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